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We’ve done a few Blog posts before featuring gorgeous eggplant colored flowers and floral designs. This regal shade of purple has been boldly taking the stage at several weddings and events over the recent couple of seasons. It’s a stunning shade that works magnificently with silver vases, bronze accents, as a stand-alone color or as a WOW accent color. Eggplant is “the new black.” It’s such a vibrant color and since we love it so very much (and apparently so do our fans and the rest of the floral and design industries and their clients!) we’re featuring a Blog post completely dedicated to gorgeous Eggplant Floral Arrangements and Flowers!

Eggplant or Aubergine Callas and Carnations - The French Bouquet - James Walton PhotographryDeep Aubergine Bridal Bouquet  - The French Bouquet - Harmon Perry WeddingsEggplant Colored Cake Topper Flowers - The French Bouquet - MIles Witt Boyer Photographer

Eggplant, or, Aubergine, is a sophisticated color that makes a bold statement! It’s got “Class and Style!” written all over it! It’s just absolutely heart-worthy.

Eggplant Highlights in Bridal Bouquet - The French Bouquet - Fotografie SturmThe French Bouquet - Eggplant Hydrangea Centerpieces at The Summit in Downtown Tulsa OklahomaTouches of Eggplant Calla Lilies in Bridal Bouquet - The French Bouquet - Chris Humphrey PhotographerAubergine Colored Carnation Paves at Tulsa's Jazz Hall of Fame - The French Bouquet - Chris Humphrey Photographer

Eggplant or Aubergine colored flowers, such as Hydrangea, Calla Lilies, Carnations, and Orchids, to name but only a few, can really make your wedding or event design look dramatic and dreamy! Just exquisite! The deep shade just shouts out regal, don’t you think?

Eggplant Bridal Bouquet by The French Bouquet - Artworks Tulsa PhotographyEggplant Colored Blooms on Wedding Cake - The French Bouquet - Fotografie SturmSeating Card Table with Eggplant and Purple Floral Arrangements - The French Bouquet - Fotografie Sturm

There just aren’t enough fabulous adjectives to describe beautiful Eggplant flowers and the designs we can create with them, so simply enjoy these scads of photos! And, of course, if you have any questions about planning your own Eggplant / Aubergine colored wedding give us a call (918..747..6750)! We would love to pour over photos and chat about so many ideas with you! From tall centerpieces just boasting bold eggplant-colored blooms in sleek silver vases, to a rich and regal eggplant bridal bouquet that’s fit for a queen! Eggplant…Aubergine…we LOVE it!

Aubergine Bridesmaid Bouquet by The French Bouquet - James Walton PhotographryEggplant Callas - The French Bouquet - Fotografie SturmEggplant Hydrangea Arrangements in Tall Silver Vases - The French Bouquet - Fotografie SturmThe French Bouquet - Bouquets with Eggplant Touches of Trachelium - Jesse Reich Photography

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