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Tall, regal, elegant, and eye-catching centerpieces and floral arrangements are the topics for today’s blog post. Tall centerpieces with cascading or willowy flowers and greenery are very popular and very beautiful. Equally popular and lovely are tall or large-scale centerpieces with climbing Curly Willow twigs, lengthy branches, or long twigs of blooming Cherry Blossoms, accompanied by other bloom types. If you want height, that’s definitely possible!

One, single tall centerpiece for the reception table design is a great choice, and so is opting for the varying look. For instance, one very tall piece, followed by a more medium-sized floral arrangement, then one or two smaller or low-level arrangements in addition.

Even one tall centerpiece in a regal metal vase (like our silver ones, for instance), and a few tiny clustering pieces near the base look superb.

If you want drama, or a variety of centerpiece sizes, or if you just want to keep it simple yet exquisite, then consider opting for the tall centerpiece. We have an assortment of tall vases in varying textures, materials, colors, and styles. And if variety or clustering is what you want to do, we have several types of other, smaller vases and containers that can be coordinated with your tall vase options. Really, there are a million and one combos!

And of course when it comes to the types of flowers and greenery you want to include in your tall centerpieces and arrangements the flower world is wide! Hydrangea, Orchid breeds, Viburnum, Monstera Leaves, Roses, Curly Willow, nearly any blossoming twig or branch, Delphinium, and Sunflowers, to name only a handful, are excellent choices when wanting tall centerpieces or floral arrangements.

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