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The past couple of months brides have been asking about brightly colored flowers and orchids, and many of you have been searching for purple and orange orchids, specifically, on our Blog.

So we thought today we’d gather a handful of arrangements, bouquets, and floral displays using just these flowers and colors.

Mokara Orchids, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, and Dendrobium Orchids are uniquely textured, come in a variety of bold colors, and, when it comes to radiant purple blooms nothing says “WOW!” like vivid purple Phalaenopsis Orchids. And nothing says “Bright Orange!” like tropical orange Mokara Orchids!

And, bold purple and orange combined looks fabulous! Very radiant!¬†These flowers look absolutely fabulous whether they’re paired together in a centerpiece or a bouquet, or grouped among other flower breeds ¬†and colors.

Or whether one centerpiece has only purple Mokara Orchids, and another all orange, for example, incorporating these colors and Orchid breeds together in your wedding design can look spectacular! Especially if you’re aiming for a very tropical or exotic design!

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