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One of our most popular searches on our Blog is for posts about tall floral centerpieces…tall and/or large arrangements…centerpieces with height and drama! So today we’ve gathered together a variety of tall centerpieces in a variety of vases.

If height is what you’re going for with your centerpieces, let’s start with the vase. One of the most popular choices among brides looking for tall floral arrangements is to incorporate candelabras into their centerpiece decor. Tall, romantic, and very elegant candelabras.

There are a number of ways you can do this, too. Candelabras with small, globed votives and a floral arrangement in the center… Candelabras with long, taper candles, arrangement also in the center… Candelabras that have nothing but flowers!

The tall, clear, glass vases are another popular choice–cylindrical, square, and tapered. Very sleek. Very clean. And, very versatile. Pretty much any flower you can imagine works perfect in this type of container, cylindrical especially. These vases also give you the option to color your water, if you like, include lower level centerpieces with matching, yet smaller, vases, etc.

And then there’s the tall and tapered gold or silver vase, and there are so many floral designs we can use with these vases. Large plumes of Hydrangea and Hydrangea-incorporating floral designs look especially nice in these kinds of vases.

This is just a small taste of the types of containers you may want to consider when planning on tall centerpieces. In terms of flowers, if you want even more punch and drama–really giving these arrangements height–consider naturally tall elements like Curly Willow, Manzanita, Tulips, Delphinium, and Millet. (Again, just a few suggestions here.)

Long, overarching stems of blooming Orchids (especially Phalaenopsis) are really breathtaking as tall centerpieces. As are fluffy pillows of Baby’s Breath, Hydrangea, and, for the draping and whimsical look, Hanging Amaranthus. Absolutely perfect winners for tall centerpieces! And, again, this is only the cusp of options available!

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