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THIS recent Blog post (“For the Groom”), featured on the Brides of Oklahoma Blog, got us to thinking. It’s been a while since we’ve showed a little love for our grooms.

So this morning we’ve pulled a variety of boutonnieres¬†from our collection to share with you.

We see a number of grooms and groomsmen wearing the very classic rose bout, or a single calla lily, too. Very simple, but very classic and easy to coordinate with a number of floral themes.

We also see several guys sporting a shabby-chic bout (similar to the one featured HERE on the Brides of Oklahoma Blog, 2nd one from the top). As well as very intricate boutonnieres with almost any kind of flower imaginable, and ones including sweet personal touches like charms/photos, buttons, ribbon, lace, etc.

And just as the ladies can have a beautiful and creative and very unique bridal bouquet, so too can the grooms have a fabulous boutonniere! So, which type of bout are you opting for for your wedding?

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